Why Should My Child Learn Music?

Monday, February 17, 2020 by Daniel Ales | Uncategorized

Q. Why should my child learn music?

A. Music, like all art, is apart of our DNA as human beings. If you consider the entire animal kingdom, humans are the only creatures that have been endowed with a desire to create something for beauty's sake. Every animal has 4 basic needs that must be met in order to sustain life, (Food, Water, Shelter/Community, Procreation) but humans have a 5th, the need for art. The sense or art does not focus on the here and now, but the possibilities of what could be. So maybe your child does not need music, but they do need art. They need to exercises that part of the brain called imagination. We believe that music is one of the best ways of meeting that goal, but so is painting, acting, computer science, baking, wood working, and so many others. Get your child involved in something that regularly pushes their imagination.