Keeping a Record

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 by Daniel Ales | Uncategorized

I know that it is hard sometimes to remember to log your practice minutes online. My studio is a very high tech studio and I love implementing the latest and greatest technology that I can afford. But sometimes, just a simple practice sheet taped on or next to your piano is the best and easiest solution. So I have provided a link to a website that has some cute printable practice charts for you to use only if you want. 

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What Kind Are You?

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 by Daniel Ales | YouTube

I saw this video on YouTube and as someone who has studied piano and been around pianists for over 25 years, I found this exteremly funny and suprisingly accurate. I think many of my students will get a kick out of this. 

About the Player:

Fabricio André Bernard Di Paolo, known as Vinheteiro, due to his talent in reproducing vignettes , started posting nerd soundtracks as movie themes, games music, and tv soundtracks and post on youtube where today he has 73 millions views. Fabricio had the idea of starting to play these songs when he realized that few appreciate the classical music in Brazil, which until then was his main focus. However they are songs originating from the classical music unknown to the general public.

New Prizes

Monday, August 19, 2019 by Daniel Ales | Piano Point Prizes

New Prizes!!!!!

Remember, WORK HARD, so you can PLAY HARD

Here are some of the Newest Prizes added to the Piano Point Prize Store!!!!

1. LOL SUPRISE DOLLS - 20000 points

2. Kid K'nex - 40000 points

3. Pokemon Stuffed Pikachu - 35000 points

4. Klutz Nail Charms - 30000 points

5. Super Mario U. Delux for the Switch - 100000