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How do Group Piano Lessons work? How does a child get individual attention? Do they all play the same song? What are the age differences? What if my child is a slow learner and can not keep up with the class? Do they ever switch to individual lessons? 

These are just a few of the questions I get from parents all the time. Very few people have ever heard of group piano lessons before. Oh sure, bands are in groups, and orchestras, and symphonies, and chamber music, and string duets, trios, quartets, up to sectionals. But PIANO!!!!!! We all know the piano is a solo instrument so how is this possible?

The Back Story: In a nutshell

My name is Daniel Ales and I have been playing piano for over 25 years. I am an Army veteran that served this nation using my piano skills entertaining soldiers and boosting their moral all over the world. I have played with symphonies and orchestras. I have played for the lowest soldier and the highest commander including the president of the United States. After I was medically discharged, I attended SFASU in Nacogdoches TX to get my piano performance degree and began teaching to help support my growing family. I quickly discovered that I loved teaching more than performing and decided to open my own studio. Since then, I have dedicated myself to being the best teacher I could possibly be. And it paid off. after graduation, I moved down to Richmond, opened up shop and in just a few years, I had more students than I could ever handle. I didn't know what to do until one parent asked if I could combine her kids into one lesson. From there I started grouping more and more kids together, and writing my own method of teaching since there are very few group piano models to follow. I made hundreds of mistakes and learned from all of them until I finally found a way to teach large groups of students. 

How It Works:In a nutshell

    Every student is a beginner, so there is no starting at a higher level just because a particular student may be older. Even students who say they have experience in the past, I have found that there are usually gaps in the fundamental knowledge needed to play at higher levels. Every student will have two opportunities a year to test out of their current level and move up to the next. This testing process allows students to advance at their own pace. Some students will easily jump levels every few months, while others may need to take it at a slower pace. In this way, students do not need to keep up with the class and the class does not need to slow for any one student.


Every class has a simple model: 



Weekly song and assignment

Play games

Just Try It: Your Child Will Love it

I am so confident that your   child will love my Group Piano Method that I want you to just come see what we are about. I am not going to ask you to sign-up or register or give us any credit card information. All I ask is that you give me a heads up so I can make sure I have a piano ready for your child. Simply shoot an email to the one listed below and ask what days are there open keyboards for my child to try and we will respond within 24 hours. Then come and see why kids never want to do individual lessons again.

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