Q. Why do you offer FREE Piano Camps? It seems a little sketchy.

A. I have gotten this question dozens of times. No one trusts the word FREE anymore. If it’s free than it’s cheap or there is a catch. And I would say that you would be right on both accounts. There is a catch. I only offer the first 5 lessons for free. If you want to learn more, I think my time should be compensated for. But, it is cheap. Actually, I only charge $20 an hour during the school year. Since most good teachers charge a $1 a minute, I would say CHEAP is a fair assessment. But that doesn’t mean low quality. My students have fun, learn, perform, and compete. So why do I offer FREE Camps. The same same reason those little shopping mall cafeteria food restaurants offer FREE SAMPLES; it hopes that you buy.

Q. What happens after the free trial period?

A. The trial period is designed to see if a student is ready for lessons or if a student enjoys group lessons. Most students love group class, but there are some who don’t. For those who aren’t quite ready for structured group learning, I ask that the parents hold them back a year and try again. Please do not get offended if the teacher tells you that your child may not be ready. Arwe Music does not want you as the parent to waist your money, and we do not want the child to get frustrated with piano and music in general. Every child developes at a different pace due to genetics and environments. It is perfectly okay to wait. For children who just don’t like the Group Setting, parents can go their way and look for a different activity for their child,  try again at a later time, or if your child likes piano but just not the Group Class, we can recommend a number of private lesson teachers in the area. 

If your child did well during the Trial Period, and wants to continue, we find a group class for them to start regular weekly lessons. 

Q. How much are lessons? How do payments work?

A. Once a student is in an active group, the parent/guardian of that student will receive a monthly invoice. Classes are $20 each session, so that comes to be between $80 and $100 a month, depending on if there are 4 or 5 lessons classes in a particular month. I accept either check or online payment through the website. Starting in the Fall of 2018, Arwe Music Studio is charging an extra $2.00 fee to any check payment. Checks take about five minutes to process and log in our accounting system and if we receive 50 checks a month, it takes a long time to process all of them. So we suggest that you just add your debit/credit card to your account once you and your child are considered active and no longer on the waiting list.

Q. What if my child has to miss a lesson?

A. Starting in the Fall of 2018, all students will be on the same curriculum. They will all start the same week and all end the same week. This course is designed with realization that students would be hard pressed to make every lesson for the entire school year. The lessons are designed to slowly build on each other. So if a students has to miss a lesson, they can get the same information when the class reviews that material at the beginning of the following lesson. Students will be allowed to miss a total of 10 lessons throught the year with out it affecting their ability to move on to the next level. If a student misses more than 10 lessons in the entire school year, that student will either have to take summer classes to make sure the concepts of that level are secure, or the students will need to repeat the level the following school year. Another way a child can make up a lesson is if there is an opening in another Group Class at their level. Since all the Group Classes are starting at the same time, all classes in each level will be on the same lesson every week. So if there is an open piano, your child is welcome to attend that Group Class.