Group Classes for All Ages

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717 FM 359,

Richmond TX, 77406



10:30 AM - Fundamentals

  4:30 PM - Fundamentals


  4:30 PM - Level 1


  4:30 PM - Fundamentals

  5:30 PM - Level 1

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9920 US 90-Alt

Sugar Land TX, 77478



10:00 AM - Fundamentals

11:00 AM - Fundamentals

          Starting in Summer 2020          


 Ages: 4 - 5


Ages: 6 - 7

          Beginning FALL 2020          

6-10+ Years Old: PRELUDE

Piano Pronto Prelude book is a primer level piano lesson book for beginners of all ages. It is a little more involved than Keyboard Kickoff which is why we begin at 6 years old. Students who have completed Keyboard Kickoff but are not quite ready for Movement 1 may reinforce their knowledge in this class or have slightly more of a challenge in the Interlude class.

4-5 Years Old: ROADTRIP!

These books created by Jennifer Eklund and Kris Skaletski, are a a great place for the youngest student to begin learning. Each book contains 18 original songs that focus on the fundamentals of music and use a multi-key approach.

6-10+ Years Old: INTERLUDE

Interlude features thirty familiar solos from Keyboard Kickoff, Prelude, and other books by Jennifer Eklund, transposed to the keys of G and F major, and adjusted to include more independent work between the hands. This is a great lateral move for those students who have completed the lower levels and or not quite old enough for Movement 1, or maybe a student is old enough, but they don’t feel quite ready for the higher-level track.


Keyboard Kickoff is the first primer level book in the Piano Pronto method book series. 35 fun and motivating songs perfect for beginners of ages 5-7 with no prior musical experience.

7+ Years: MOVEMENTS 1-6

Here is where things really pick up. At this point, students are expected to know well the fundamentals of reading music, both notes and rhythms. They should have a strong understanding of basic terminology as well as good hand shape and finger control. Some of what is needed comes with knowledge and teaching, but some comes with physical and mental maturity which is why we have the age requirement in place.