Older Beginner Level 1 is an accelerated version of Level 1.  Older Beginner Level 1  teaches how to count two-eighths, quarter, half, dotted-half, whole, and dotted-quarter/eighth rhythms; the keys on the piano; staff notes Middle C up to G and Middle C down to F as well as harmonic seconds, thirds, and fourths. To ensure that your beginner students are really reading notes and not just reading fingering numbers, we wait to teach fingering until page 42.  The theory taught in each lesson is the theory needed to play the new compositions in that lesson, and the music concepts that have been previously taught are reinforced as many times as possible in subsequent compositions and theory fun sheets.

Older Beginner Level 1 is grouped in the following ages:

| 10 - 12 | 13 - 15 | 16+ |