Arwe Music Studio Policies:


Group Lessons are given weekly.  Group lessons are 60 minutes in length.  Groups must have a minimum of 3 students to be active. If a Group falls below 3, the remaining students will be asked to move to a different group if available, or the price per student might increase. Group lessons provide an environment for students to develop performance and ensemble skills.  Group lessons will also focus on theory, rhythm and listening skills.

Private Lessons are given weekly in 30, 45 and 60 minute lengths. As the studio is growing, it is becoming increasingly problematic to offer private lessons to students. In light of that, I am only offering private lessons to students who have been with Arwe Music prior to March 2018. No student who has been been accustomed to private lessons will be forced into Group Lessons, but please note that beginning Fall 2018, priority lesson slots will be given to group lessons, and private lessons will be grandfathered out.

Regular home practice is essential for student success.   Ideally, students should aim for at least 5 days of practice each week.  
Short, daily practice sessions are more effective than one or two long sessions per week.  The most important time for students to practice is right after their weekly lesson, to solidify what they have just learned.  Research has shown that retention of new knowledge drops to 60% after just 24 hours. It’s not a good idea to wait until the end of the week, then “cram” practice right before a student’s next lesson!

Parental involvement in home practice is crucial for student success.  Please help your student to establish and stick to a practice routine, and see that practice time is free of distractions.  If you are the parent of an elementary age student, please plan to sit with your child for at least a portion of their daily practice time.

Students are expected to attend each scheduled week of the semester.   When you register for lessons, your time slot is reserved for you for the teaching year.  Please keep in mind that my studio operates at full capacity and make-ups for missed lessons are not guaranteed.  No refunds will be given for missed lessons by the student.

In the event that your student needs to miss a lesson because of a conflict or illness, please contact me with as much advance notice as  possible.  I will post cancellations on the calendar.   Each family is responsible to check the calendar and contact me to reserve an available make-up time. Any lessons missed by the instructor due to illness or emergency will be rescheduled as soon as possible or credited to the following month.

Please be prompt – lesson times cannot be extended for students who arrive late.   Students should be picked up promptly at the end of their lesson time. 

All students must have a piano or digital piano for home practice.  The quality of your student’s home instrument plays a significant role in their potential for success. Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once a year, and kept in working order.   If you prefer a digital piano, please invest in a full-size keyboard (88 keys) with weighted, touch-sensitive keys and pedals. we try to establish good posture early on in our teaching method. Please make sure that your student does not have a seat with a back on it as this tempts them to sit poorly at the piano.   

Tuition & Fees
ALL STUDENTS WILL BE PLACED ON AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS. NO CHECKS OR CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year includes 38 weeks of instruction (Aug 12, 2019 - May 29, 2020).   Tuition will be paid in monthly installments. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 per student is due at the beginning of each school year.  This fee covers the cost of student method books, group materials, studio lending books and technology, and studio recitals as well as the fee to register students as Jr. Affiliates in the Texas Music Teachers Association so students can have the opportunity to participate in some of the events offered through out the year.

Students may need to purchase music on occasion throughout the year if they lose or destroy their copies. Additional event fees may be required for festivals, competitions and other performance events.

Invoices will be emailed prior to the first week of each month with a reminder of current tuition charges, as well as any additional material or event fees.

Students should plan to commit to lessons for the full school year.  If unforeseen circumstances require a student to terminate lessons mid-year, one month’s paid notice is required to end lessons.

Tuition Rates and Payment Schedules

A $10 late fee will be assessed on all payments received after the first week of the month.

Private Lesson Monthly Installment Plans:

30 minute lesson – $80/month
45 minute lesson – $120/month
60 minute lesson – $160/month

*$30 added fee for any family home I have to travel to

Group Lessons Monthly Installment Plan:

60 minute lesson – $80/month

Media Release
Photos of students and video and audio recordings of student projects and performances may be posted online and used by the instructor for promotional and workshop materials.  Identifying information will be excluded or limited to first names only.  Parents wishing to exempt their child from any published media may do so by providing a written exclusion request.